Le NYTimes.com a lancé une version bêta appelée Extra Times. Sa spécificité ? Elle reprend sur une page d’accueil alternative du site des liens vers d’autres sources d’infos (organes de presse, sites web, blogs). Les sources externes sont matérialisées par des liens de couleur verte situés  dans des boîtes pouvant en contenir huit.

«The days when content sites were afraid to link to other sites are over,”
said Marc Frons, chief technology officer for digital operations, The New
York Times Company. “Times Extra is an important part of our strategy to
become a destination for compelling journalism, not only by The New York
Times, but by other content providers as well. We want to give our readers
a comprehensive view of the news and opinion our editors think is
important (…)

The automated ranking of news stories is powered by Blogrunner, a news
aggregator owned by The Times Company that continually crawls the Web and
links to stories from more than10,000 sources; the ranking on Blogrunner is
determined by its popularity on the Web.»

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Popularity: 3% [?]